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Promoting the social side of Poker

Have you ever had a game of poker around your kitchen table with a few drinks and a takeaway?

Imagine doing that at the Pub each week, with the FREE added chance of winning a share of £40,000 in prize money.

Welcome to the Betfred Pub Poker League.



The perfect mid-week night out

A casino poker tournament finishes between 1am and 4am.

Far too late for those of us with jobs and families!

Why not play in a pub poker tournament instead, which finishes at around 11pm?


How it works







A safe-haven for amateurs

Today's poker world is guilty of focussing on the poker pro's who make millions by playing poker to a very high level.

Everybody seems to have forgotten about the essence of the game - friends sitting around a table having a bit of banter and a good time.

The low-stakes environment of the pub poker world means that the very high-skilled players (known as 'sharks') won't want to play, leaving everybody to have a great night out with a new bunch of friends.



Become a sponsored pro

Our ultimate prize is a £5,000 sponsorship package which pays for a player's entry, travel and accommodation to some of the UK's largest poker tournaments.

Many of us would love to play in the pro high stakes tournaments, where the buy-in is £500+ & the prizepool is over £100,000. Sadly, we cant afford it!

Our sponsorship package is one of the best routes for grassroutes players to 'satellite' into the professional poker scene.


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